Trypillya culture tribs dress
  Member of the Artist Union of Ukraine
Artist-ethnographist Zinaida Vasina
Trypillya culture tribes dress
Dress reconstruction of the eneolit epoch based on the culture of main groups of tribes, which composed a population
of Ukraine at this period. Of course, six thousand years old dress was not preserved for our days, but we have unique
archaeological material, which shows us culture of this epoch in general.
__First of all, that is ceramic - kitchen, store and ritual with difficult and refined
ornamental compositions, which restore ancient religious symbols of solar-lunar
cosmogony cult with abstruct-stiled pictures of women ritual costumes (early
trypillya settlement Oleksandrivka, pictures on ceramic of trypillya-kukuteny unite).

Ritual dress of priestess and her satellites (early stage of eneolit)
Prints on ritual crockery.
Timkove (Oleksandrivka)

__At the second, that is women's ceramic statuettes with printed elements of ritual dress on them and tattoos - symbols of fertile of the Great Protomother, defender of family and wealthy, which belongs to early trypillya discovering.

Anthropomorphy plastic
(Luka-Vrublevetska) and
cut of the wear without glows
kalasiris type, jaket, skirt
__At the third, that is analogies with cultures of neighbour similar tribes (bayan, kukuteny, Sumer-akkad, khurit cultures), with whom trypillya people had relations, what is pointed by the oldest memorial of our land from paleolit times - Kam'ana Mogila.

Casual wear of trypillya women
(early stage of eneolit)
Trypillya women where rich decorating their dress with painting, patchworks, embroiderys, weared decorations, traditionaly were making tatoos on the bodys, was able to make fancy hairdressings; they inheriteted from previos times knitting and weaving technology, were making specific plaits, hats. Besides, they were decorating their life, they liked nice potery, painted houses with ornaments, what reminds decoration of ukrainian traditional farmsteads (there are ceramic models of houses, interiors and toys).

Casual wear of trypillya women
(early stage of eneolit)

Painting of women on ceramic
and cut of a dress kandis type
Trypillya-Kukuteny culture

"Matisse stile" decor fulfilled nearly all siluette of a dress, what by itself had no need in more decorations. That is why, there is nearly no jewellery by archaeologic material of this period, or it has no much meaning. In general thise are copper wrests in a small qwantaty, talismans and amulets made from shells, what in general was not conflict with decorative paintngs. They had fuction of defenders.

Ritual wear for spring selebrations
(late eneolit)
Defferent shoes, nise hairderessings and hats in unite with rich decoreted costume, were making undrlined-plastic siluetes, uniqe and own stiled complex of a dress, what was composed in the territory of Ukraine in V-III thousands of years B.C., earyer than Egipt culture.

Deferent types of a men wear

statuets (Polivaniv
Paying a tribute to our wise and talent ancestors, with apologizing for our historical ignorance, let us study, learn and velue ancient culture of Ukrainian people and will give it in heritage to next generations.
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