Wonderful world of Tripoli

About seven thousand years ago laid the foundations of agricultural civilization in the land which is now called Ukraine.
Since that time, people here began to grow wheat, cattle, weave, sculpt pots, melt the metal, to build houses of wood, twigs and mud, and in addition - to create a new spiritual world. Before our time, are monuments of the Eneolithic (Copper Age) - traces of thousands of villages, large proto, ceramics, forms and patterns that tell us about the outlook of the universe and man the creator, free from the pressure of religion, exploitation and war.
Opened in the late XIX century by the eminent archaeologist Vikenty Hvoyko tripilska culture still remains the biggest mystery of European prehistory, its lightning-fast emergence of the end of VI century BC and the disappearance of two thousand years can be compared only with the fate of the mythical Atlantis.
That legacy would be proud of each state.
If, however, of Egypt and Sumer, created by forced labor of slaves, known around the world, the culture of the Tripoli-free farming, which is the statute of limitations is not inferior to them, and do not know the Ukrainians themselves. But that is where our story begins.