Historical dress competition
Zinaida Vasina (author of the issue "Ukrainian annals of dress"), volume 1, 11 000 years B.C. - ղ century A.D., Kiev, "Mistetstvo", 2003) helps student of Per'aslav-Khmelnitski pedagogic university named by G.Skovoroda to get habit for trypillya costume and to prepare for the action of festival "Rzhyshiv garland".
    Student group from Per'aslav-Khmelnitsky pedagogic university show their creative reconstructions of trypillya dress by motives of Zinaida Vasina's book ( also they got help of teacher-tailor of Rzhyshiv industreal-pedagogic technicum Nina Egorchenko).
    Rzhyshiv industreal-pedagogic technicum and Rzhyshiv town soviet administration and the head of "Kolo-Ra" public organization Oleksiy Trachuk with students of Per'aslav-Khmelnitsky pedagogic university dressed with trypillya costumes.  
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